Iran Tour Guide

Mesr desert

Introduction: Mesr(مصر) desert, Mohammad-abad(محمد آباد) village- Takhte-arous(تخت عروس) sand dunes are in Isfahan province, north west of Khur(خور) city in the heart of central Kavir desert (known as Dashte-Kavir(دشت کویر) in Persian). Takhte-aroos est known for its unique sand hills. Another attraction of the area is called Selkanoun salt lake, These

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Abyaneh Village

Introduction: Abyaneh (Persian: ابیانه‎) is a famous historic Iranian village near the city of Natanz in Isfahan Province. Characterized by a peculiar reddish hue, the village is one of the oldest in Iran, attracting numerous native and foreign tourists year-round, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies. An Abyunaki woman typically

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